Laserworld CS-200RGY (Gebraucht)

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Model Reference# LP-209
Laser projector×1
Power cable×1
DMX512 cable×1
Interlock 9pin plug×1
Laser key×2
Using voltage AC 110V~230V,50/60Hz
Voltage of input signal -10V ~ +10V
Control Mode Auto/AUDIO/DMX/ILDA(optional)
DMX channel 12
Scanning system 20KPPS
Green laser : 532nm/ 35~50mW
Red laser : 650nm/140-150mW
Operating temperature 10° ~ 40°
Dimension(mm) 280(L)×200(W)×150(H)
Weight(kg) 3
Safety fuse 250V / F2A Φ5×20mm


1. Do not disconnect the device without professional instruction
2. Keep surrounding dry and clean. This unit should be keep dry, do not use in
the rain or dank and dusty environment. Projector should be covered with
water-proof when operate at outside.
3. Keep surrounding temperature at15~30,Remain 10minutes for equipment
cooling after 2 hours continuously work, or laser expected time will be
4. Distance between lasing aperture and projected item should not be less than 1
5. Do not turn device on/off frequently to avoid broken.
6. Do not look into the laser beam directly, or view laser beam directly with
optical instruments.
7. Do not touch the device with wet hands.
8. Turn off the power before installation and maintenance.
9. When the laser diode became dim or broken, please contact the dealer timely.
10.To use the original package when transport again and to avoid shake.
11.Maintenance should be performed every 15-day period, by using a sponge
which is dipped with alcohol, rather than wet cloth or other chemical liquid, to
clean the mirror.


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